Seema Bhatia-Panthaki

Senior Program Officer

Seema Bhatia-Panthaki is a Senior Program Officer for the Think Tank Initiative, based at IDRC’s Asia Regional Office in New Delhi. Seema has a background in Economics and Business, with a Masters and PhD from the University of Reading, UK. As an Economist, she has worked in a range of positions, most recently with DFID India’s Global Partnerships Team, with ICRIER (India), ODI (UK) and the Government of Malawi. She has also worked on economic growth projects in Libya, Zambia and the U.A.E. This global experience will be extremely valuable in helping TTI support the forging of collaborations and partnerships between institutions in different regions of the world, as well as within the South Asia region.

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on May 24, 2018
Blog post about the new IDRC Knowledge for Democracy Myanmar Initiative to support the democratic transition to and economic development processes in the country.