Over the length of the program, TTI held several learning events in the form of workshops and forums based on an assessment of the think tanks’ needs, as well as in response to specific demand from them. These events were designed to enhance the impact of individual think tanks while encouraging collaboration and participation among the cohort.

Workshops were typically short (two to three days in duration), and incorporated online engagement before and after each event. Events were offered nationally, regionally or sub-regionally, depending on the subject matter and interest of the think tanks.

TTI supported learning forums that brought together funders, participating think tanks, outside experts and other stakeholders, such as donor agencies with related programs, representatives of government agencies, and other think tanks. Read about the Think Tank Initiative Exchange (TTIX) which took place every three years, by clicking on the boxes below.  The last Think Tank Initiative Exchange (TTIX 2018) was held in Bangkok, Thailand in 2018.


To celebrate the final year of the program and nearly 10 years of lessons, TTI held a final Think

The Think Tank Initiative Exchange 2015 (TTIX 2015) saw nearly 200 participants, including think