The ThinkTank Initiative is undertaking a Policy Community Study with the main objective to develop an understanding of the policy community in specific countries in Africa, South Asia and Latin America. The Study seeks the views of high level policy actors on their needs for information feeding into the policy making process, as well as their perspectives on access, usefulness and quality of that information.

GlobeScan designed and conducted the first round of the study on behalf of TTI in 2009-2010, and this created a benchmark against which future surveys can be compared to indicate broad changes in the policy community and the perceptions of the work of think tanks. A global report on the overall findings from this first study was developed in 2010 (see 2010 Policy Community Survey - Final Global Report below), and now the first part of the 2013 report, the African Policy Community Survey, has been released (see 2013 Policy Community Survey - Africa Short Report). As well as gaining a better understanding for the “demand side” for quality data and analysis from research, the study will help TTI to identify strengths and weaknesses of particular think tanks and also highlight activities associated with the success of think tanks, in order to help prioritize support strategies (funding, training, and technical assistance).

Policy Community Survey - 2013

Policy Community Survey - 2010