The centre of studies Espacio Público launched a regional network dedicated to the fight against corruption in Latin America. The network is composed of eight organizations, five of which are part of the TTI cohort. 

The network called Red Anticorrupción includes GRADE from Peru, Grupo Faro from Ecuador, ASIES from Guatemala, FUSADES from El Salvador, CADEP from Paraguay and three other organizations from Mexico, Chile and Colombia. The objective of the network is to push for public policies against corruption in the region and promote the exchange of knowledge and experience between countries to collaboratively strengthen public integrity and mitigate corruption cases in Latin America.

In the face of recent major corruption scandals in Latin America, some of which have shown to belong to international networks, the network seeks to provide an adequate and proportionate response to the scale of the phenomenon. It will enable its members to make more accurate diagnoses, share strategies and act in a coordinated way across the region in the prevention and restriction of corruption.

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