On April 3-4 2017, the Think Tank Initiative (TTI) brought together 40 representatives from research funding organizations, policy research institutions, and institutional capacity building programs from around the world to discuss effective ways of supporting local change processes in low- and middle-income countries, within the context of a changing global funding environment.

During this Evidence to Policy Dialogue participants reflected on the value and importance of providing longer-term, flexible forms of support to policy research institutions, as key local actors in evidence to policy processes. In an attempt to provide a snapshot of the conversations, TTI published a report highlighting the key insights and outcomes of the event.

Not surprisingly, the Dialogue generated more questions than answers. However, all participants agreed on the importance of finding ways to help think tanks contribute to positive change and in looking for ways to ensure that these contributions are effective. Participants acknowledged that think tanks play a key role in ensuring the use of evidence in policymaking across different contexts, and ultimately help inform development outcomes that lead to lasting and meaningful change. There was consensus too that a great deal more work is required to enable policy research organisations to play this role as fully as possible. With this in mind, participants discussed the importance of seeking out opportunities for collaboration and partnership, combined with flexible and innovative funding mechanisms targeting longer-term support to local organizations.

You can read the report here