Making research accessible for policymaking in Peru

October 23 2018, 15:00-16:30

Lima, Peru

While the use of evidence in policymaking is increasing in Peru, there is still much to be done. This panel will explore the opportunities and challenges for making research accessible for policymakers in Peru, through an engaging discussion with researchers and civil society organizations reflecting on their own experiences navigating these evolving spaces.

The session will begin with framing based on research conducted on this topic in 2016 under the concept of “research accessibility”, exploring the physical, intellectual, and social dimensions of how research is made accessible in Peru. Other panelists will then share their own experiences, reflecting on these findings to help identify the opportunities and challenges in making research accessible for policymaking in Peru. 

In particular, this session will delve into questions such as:

  • What is research accessibility, and what are the barriers to making research accessible?
  • How do different organizations connect with policymakers at different levels, and what is the importance of reputation, social connections, or geography in informing policymaking?
  • How is ‘research accessibility’ and the use of evidence affected by the evolving political climate and the culture and?

Registration for this session is free and is still available. Register here!

About Semana de la Evidencia

Semana de la Evidencia (Evidence Week) is a cross-country festival of events held from October 22-26, 2018 to promote the use of evidence in the development and debate of public policy in Latin America. It convenes research centres, policymaking bodies, the private sector, and civil society to raise the importance of adequately designing, implementing and evaluating policy decisions. The aim is to create and nurture a space and agenda that is conducive to change. Individual organisations may take advantage of the space and the agenda provided. The events occur throughout Latin America, organised by each participant institution's capabilities.

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