Representatives of TTI attended the 2017 Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Fair in Delhi, India on May 4-6th 2017. Organized by the Indian Ministry of Heavy Industries and Public Enterprises, the event was an opportunity for a diverse range of stakeholders – including governments, private companies, and foundations – to showcase their CSR activities, share their best practices, and connect with like-minded organizations.

Samar Verma, a Senior Program Specialist with TTI who is based in Delhi, sat on the panel “Incubating new technology through CSR”. In his presentation, he discussed the opportunity of targeting CSR spending towards support for policy research organizations, as well as research more generally. Mr. Verma advocated for moving away from the more traditional short-term forms of philanthropy that are common in India – such as building hospitals or developing new technologies – to instead shift towards a more sophisticated form of philanthropy that contributes to impact over the longer-term. He called for the use of the TTI model to fund policy research organizations in India as a way of moving towards the creation of shared value, where social responsibilities are embedded in nation-building activities and where the incubation of knowledge and technology remains at the heart of public policymaking.

This was an opportunity to broaden the conversation around support for policy research organizations with non-traditional funders, and to make the case for building a stronger ecosystem of support for social science research in India.