Southern Voice, a network comprising more than 50 think tanks from Africa, Asia, and Latin America, will present first research findings on the implementation of Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) in the global south, at a high-profile event in New York.

The July 12, 2019 meeting is on the sidelines of the United Nations High-Level Political Forum held yearly to review progress toward the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the SDGs.

Created in 2012 by think tanks receiving core funding from the Think Tank Initiative, Southern Voice aims to contribute knowledge from Global South countries to the dialogue on SDGs. Over the past year, this network has assessed SDG implementation in Bolivia, Ghana, India, Nigeria, Peru, and Sri Lanka, focusing in particular on quality education, access to decent work and economic growth, and affordable and clean energy.

Supported by the Think Tank Initiative, these case studies provide new analysis and recommendations to improve the delivery of the SDGs. They report on who is left behind and why, to help target the most vulnerable. They look at global systemic issues, such as trade and climate negotiations and crime, that require a global response. They explore how to enable synergies — where achieving one SDG helps to fulfill other goals — and limit trade-offs — where achieving some goals hinders the ability to reach others.

Through this research, Southern Voice hopes to move away from the traditional SDGs discourse to a more rigorous discussion on many understated issues of SDG delivery. The insights from the event will be a valuable input for the network’s State of the SDGs Global Report, to be launched in September.

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