Six young researchers from the TTI-supported Southern Voice network have been awarded the Young Global Changers Scholarship of the Think 20 Summit on Global Solutions. The young Southern Voice researchers were among 100 early-career professionals selected by a jury to attend the Think 20 Summit in Berlin from 29-31 May 2017. The Think 20 Summit Global Solutions brought together research institutions and think tanks from the G20 countries to develop policy recommendations to support G20 policy-making.

The scholarship recipients from Southern Voice conduct research in Latin America, East Africa and South Asia and demonstrate a passion for change. They were selected for their innovative initiatives such as the use of a digital platform to help provide domestic workers with decent working conditions and higher wages in Bolivia, or designing a carbon pricing system that discourages air pollution and encourages the gradual uptake of climate-friendly technologies in the oil and gas industry.

The Young Global Changers scholarships seeks to infuse the views and ideas of the next generation into global problem-solving. The participants had the opportunity to take part in a number of high-level side events, including meeting Nobel Laureates and pitching their ideas and projects to renowned experts of world-leading think tanks. Find out more about Southern Voice’s young Global Changers here.

About Southern Voice

Southern Voice is a network of 48 think tanks across Africa, Asia, and Latin America supported by the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation and the Think Tank Initiative. It seeks to address the existing ‘knowledge asymmetry’ and ‘participation deficit’ in global dialogues by disseminating evidence-based policy analyses by researchers from countries of the Global South. The participation of the young programme members showcased the valuable work done by TTI-supported institutions in supporting young researchers in the Global South as well as contributing to the development of evidence-based global solutions.