[Photo: Grupo Sofía]

In our quest to bring a gender lens to the final Think Tank Initiative Exchange, we sought guidance from many informed sources – including from within our cohort of think tanks. In particular, we looked at some of the practices established by Grupo Sofía – a network of women researchers that was formed in 2014 by two TTI-supported think tanks and two universities in Peru.

Grupo Sofía focuses on research-based activism and seeks to raise awareness and propose solutions to gender issues in the academic world of the social sciences. In particular, they focus on activities that seek to promote greater female participation in public debates and in the dissemination and production of knowledge.  To encourage the uptake of this endeavour, they created a toolkit of advocacy materials and they have proposed a number of questions and identified routes to take in order to ensure greater gender equality.

Here are some examples of the campaign material that Grupo Sofía developed to enable others to create a gender balanced event and gender inclusive processes. Together, these materials make up Grupo Sofía’s “Gender Toolkit”:

  • A promotional poster details tangible actions to follow to promote gender equality in the social sciences and greater inclusivity in academic events and dialogues.
  • A brochure provides an overview of the network, insight into the data that has been the impetus behind their work on promoting equal opportunities for women in the social sciences.
  • A call to action in the form of an engaging infographic that provides 7 succinct steps to promote gender equality in the social sciences and in public debates more broadly
  • Five promotional flyers that include:
    • illustrations of the challenges women face to progressing their careers in the social sciences and the structures that create these barriers.
    • A timeline of milestones achieved by Grupo Sofía on their path to greater gender parity in the academic world.
    • An interactive infographic that includes questions to consider in event planning to ensure greater inclusivity among presenters and speakers.

Grupo Sofía will be disseminating these products across social media as part of the #WomenKnow campaign (#lasmujeressaben). These activities helped inform TTI’s approach to creating a gender balanced and inclusive conference and the products that were created to facilitate this process which include a checklist and guidance for participants. To learn more about the work of Grupo Sofía, read TTI’s blog on using research to promote gender equality.

About Grupo Sofía

Grupo Sofía was established in January 2014 by four of the most important social research institutions in Peru: Grupo de Análisis para el Desarrollo – GRADE; Instituto de Estudios Peruanos – IEP; Centro de Investigación Sociológica, Económica, Política y Antropológica de la Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú – CISEPA; and Centro de Investigación de la Universidad del Pacífico) with the support of the Think Tank Initiative. Their mission is to promote equal opportunity for female researchers in the social sciences in Peru.