From November 12-14, 2018, the Think Tank Initiative (TTI) and the Thailand Development Research Institute (TDRI) hosted the third and final Think Tank Initiative Exchange in Bangkok, Thailand. Over the course of three days, delegates from over 40 countries discussed and reflected on nearly ten years of lessons from the program, particularly the challenges of building and sustaining policy research organizations. The proceedings of the Exchange were captured in a series of blogs, interviews, in pictures and in a brief conference video (4.5 minutes) that can be viewed below. 


Leading up to the Exchange, several articles were written to inform participants about what to expect and how to prepare for the momentous occasion. Due to the diversity and breadth of the 258 participants attending the Exchange, TTI commissioned a think piece on the 10 year journey of the program to provide context for participants around the lessons that TTI has learned thus far. A commitment to inclusion was made in the lead up to the Exchange in order to inform participants of TTI’s approach to, and recommendations for, making the event as inclusive as possible.

After each day of the Exchange, articles were written to summarize some of the key issues and outcomes from the sessions, panels and group activities that took place. The article on Day 1 summarized the reflections of participants and presenters on the emerging lessons from 10 years of the program. The article on Day 2 captured outcomes from the many peer learning opportunities and an elaborate Marketplace session where think tanks could display their stories and ideas. The collaborative and forward looking energy of discussions on the third day of the Exchange were captured in the final article on the conference.

In addition to these summary articles, several video blogs were developed around interviews with participants on topics such as the key successes and lessons learned from the program, tips for building strong, sustainable think tanks and ways think tanks can prepare for the future.

To view all of the inspiring blogs and video interviews from TTIX 2018, please visit the TTIX event website. All pictures from the event are available on TTI’s Flickr page.

Read the stories of influence that were presented at TTIX 2018 by each of the 43 think tanks in the Marketplace Poster Booklet below: