We are pleased to announce that the Second Interim Report of the Evaluation of Phase Two of the Think Tank Initiative (TTI) has been published. It presents interim findings and suggested midway lessons for the program. The executive summary of the report is available on the TTI website and offers a link to the full report. 

This report focuses on key challenges of think tank sustainability and identifies ways that TTI can target support in the final year to address immediate needs related to resource mobilisation, Board engagement, diversifying funding, and strategic costing. In terms of sharing program learning, the evaluation recommends that TTI develop communication products that share lessons on think tank sustainability including a product on the role of funders in promoting think tank sustainability and the importance of recognizing actual costs.

While the report provides a limited assessment of progress against the agreed upon baselines, this will be fully assessed in the final stage of the evaluation.

The TTI’s External Evaluation is conducted by NIRAS Indevelop.

Read the executive summary here.