TTI-supported think tanks Advocates Coalition for Development and Environment (ACODE) in Uganda and Consortium pour la recherche économique et sociale (CRES) in Senegal launched an action learning project on gender responsive budgeting in Kampala, Uganda, on 26 October 2017. This official launch was preceded by an inception workshop on 24-25 October, which allowed the two organizations to come together to engage in planning, learning, and early reflections. Both think tank members and policy officials participated to the workshop, and government representatives from Senegal and Uganda. 

The aim of the 18 month long action research/learning project is to build capacity in gender-responsive budgeting in Senegal and Uganda. The two organisations, ACODE and CRES, will be implementing the project in Uganda and Senegal, respectively. They will use webinars to engage on a quarterly basis and share learnings from each country.

During the inception workshop, ACODE shared its plans for looking more closely at gender responsive budgeting in the agricultural sector. The organization will focus on assessing the capacity of government officials engaged in gender responsive budgeting at the local and national level, looking at the country’s gaps in monitoring and evaluation around gender budgeting, and working closely with relevant policymakers to propose ways to address these issues. CRES will focus on developing a thematic budget framework which includes a gender dimension and testing its effectiveness in two ministries in Senegal – energy and agriculture – before replicating it across other ministries in the government.