Throughout the implementation of the Think Tank Initiative, we have sought to learn and reflect on our efforts. As we near the end of our second (and final) five-year phase, we are taking stock of this ambitious effort. A major contribution to this stock-taking is the External Evaluation of Phase 2 (2014-2019), which has just been published and presents the main findings and lessons from TTI’s final phase.

The External Evaluation gives an overview of the successes and challenges of TTI. It warrants close reading, and contains assessments and evaluative judgements on key issues like:

  • The accompaniment role provided by the Regional Program Officers;
  • The program's efforts to support think tank sustainability;
  • The value of the core funding provided by TTI;
  • And the nature of trajectories of change that the think tanks underwent. 

The evaluation also contains helpful recommendations for funders and think tanks drawn from the experiences of TTI. TTI’s final External Evaluation was conducted by NIRAS.

Find the executive summary, and the full report for the final evaluation at To learn more about previous evaluations from different phases of the project click here