TTI is pleased to announce the release of a report that captures local views about Myanmar’s think tanks. The report reflects results from a perception survey of policy stakeholders in Myanmar, a joint initiative between The Think Tank Initiative and the Knowledge for Democracy Myanmar Initiative, both based at the International Development Research Centre (IDRC). Its release coincides with a roundtable discussion in Yangon, Myanmar, between November 19-20, marking the start of a new Myanmar Initiative project with Kivu International: “Building Emerging Think Tank Capacity”.

Through the 2018 Policy Community Survey- Report on Myanmar, IDRC and its partners looked to understand whether the research that these organizations provide is sufficient to help policy makers address the many economic and social challenges in the country. Respondents of the survey included 42 senior level policy stakeholders in Myanmar from government, civil society, media, academia, and the private sector. The perceptions captured from the policy community provides a good foundation to understand the strengths and weakness of local think tanks. The work was conducted by international opinion research firm Globe Scan and its local partner TNS. The survey and its methodology have been refined through delivery in twenty developing countries. This is the first time it was done in Myanmar.

More details on survey results and how it will help inform projects of the TTI and the Myanmar Initiative to enhance organizational capacity can be found here.