The 2015 TTI Exchange is coming soon! This exciting event will take place from February 18-20 in Istanbul, Turkey. The Exchange will bring together up to 200 think tanks, donors, and other research-to-policy stakeholders to explore perspectives on the theme of “Research Quality: Approaches, Outreach and Impact.” These individuals will come together to discuss what research quality means for think tank impact, both in theory and in practice.

Research quality is of huge importance for think tanks. It lies at the root of their credibility and reputation as legitimate contributors to academic and public policy debates. However, research quality is understood in many different ways, and has been at the center of much debate in academic, professional, and public policy circles.Through this Exchange we  aim to learn more about what research quality means to us, as well as learn about approaches and tools to strengthen research, engage with key actors, and increase the impact of think tanks.

 The overall objectives for the event are to:

  • Share perspectives on how research quality can lead to think tank impact.
  • Share knowledge, practice, and experience on how think tanks are ensuring rigour and quality research while maintaining policy relevance.
  • Create awareness and exposure to a range of different approaches, methods, and tools for strengthening research quality.
  • Identify potential areas of capacity development and related support for research quality in think tanks.
  • Promote networking and collaboration between think tanks and other research to policy stakeholders.

 We’ll be tweeting (#ttix2015) and blogging from the event, as well as sharing posts from participants, so be sure to watch this space for updates. We’re looking forward to seeing many of you soon!

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